Doghenge Revisited

You may recall a previous blog post regarding my subversive dog who stacks her food and water dishes as an act of silent rebellion.  She is not protesting the  food, before you ask. She gets the high-end-fancy-pance petstore brand. I think it’s made from unicorns and pyramid dust.

Well, she’s at it again with:

The Slide: this maneuver has a subtle elegance that earlier attempts lacked.

The Cornered Dish. This move requires navigating a corner, then shoving the bowl 3-4 feet into this corner. Note please that the bowl is full, so this dog dish shuffleboard is not caused by enthusiastic chowing down.

But this. THIS is the topper:

Crouching Placemat, Hidden Dog Dish.

I have no words


6 comments on “Doghenge Revisited

  1. I think she might have a bit of an artistic temperament!

  2. […] is taking a break from Doghenge to help us strip the kitchen wallpaper. My husband saw her and wanted to clean the wallpaper scraps […]

  3. […] Sharkdog is REALLY getting an attitude. This is the longest range Doghenge yet.  (See Doghenge and Doghenge Revisited.) […]

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