Shark Dog

My dog is old and weird– just two of the things we have in common. She will be 14 in a couple of weeks (July 11). Happy Birthday Keesha!

She is deaf, lumpy, mostly blind and very needy. She always has to be in the same room as everyone else, even if that means climbing under the computer desk to sit on your feet. (She shut my daughter down twice before we moved the surge protector).

She loves peanut butter and is afraid of water, so much so that when she was still able to take walks, she would walk out into the street before she would go through a neighbor’s sprinkler. Yes, she is a golden retriever.

But the oddest thing that she has begun doing the last few months is what makes me call her Shark Dog. Our main level half bath has a pocket door that slides into the wall. If one of us uses that bathroom, she waits out in the hall, pacing and bumping the door with each pass.

This reminds me of the bump and bite shark attacks that I’ve seen on Shark Week, where a shark will pass by and bump you a few times before deciding if you are a tasty morsel that deserves a nibble.


5 comments on “Shark Dog

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