Sharkdog, You Will Be Missed

So we lost our doggy Akeesha on Monday. She was 14, so she lived a good long life, but we still miss her fiercely.

Here are some of the posts I have written about her:



Doghenge Revisted

Doghenge with a Vengeance – Henge Harder

Sharkdog is not a morning dog

She’s been going downhill for a while but she was still enjoying pets and treats and had some quality of life, she’s gone downhill the last few days.

She’s deaf, but she liked to lay at my feet with her head on the ground when I played my cello.

I played for her her last evening when we were trying everything to get her on her feet. She tried to get up, but she couldn’t. I don’t think I’ll be able to play Simple Gifts again.

Here are some more pictures:

Dogs Love Chucks

Afghan Hound Impression

Superdog! With her newspaper cape

I wish I had some pictures of her rolling around in the snow. She loved that. She also loved toast, peanut butter and people. She hated water, little dogs and the dark.

She was weird even as a puppy. She used to run in circles, chasing her tail. Not unusual so far, but she would catch her tail and walk around like that with her tail in her mouth.

When we first moved into our house, we had no fence and while we were unpacking, we didn’t notice that she had wandered away. She walked into my neighbor’s open back door. My neighbor was cooking bacon. So she sat down at his feet and waited for her share.

Once she was in the front yard with us while we were doing yard work. A minivan drove slowly by, delivering newspapers, doors open.  Akeesha bounded across the yard and jumped into the van because there were kids inside to play with.

She calmed eventually with age and training and was less prone to such craziness. But she was an awesome dog and we miss her every day.


4 comments on “Sharkdog, You Will Be Missed

  1. Keesha was a big part of my life for over a decade. I grew up with her and I don’t think she’ll ever be gone entirely from our family. Whether it was romps in the snow or a walk around the neighborhood, she was always willing and able. She would leap at the sight of her leash at any time of the day or year, skittish and exhilarated, ready to play. In the winter she’d take her time, strolling in the cold with her thick reddish fur. And in summer, her tail would wag all the way down the sidewalk, or in the street to avoid the sprinklers on the lawns. Although she was timid at times, she made some friends– Lady, Sarah, the list goes on, and she always loved a fellow Golden.

    She always tolerated me wanted to ride her like a pony– from 6 to 16– or when we dressed her up in anything (see above)

    When you looked into her eyes sometimes, I could swear I knew exactly what she was thinking or feeling. She was never shy about letting us know, whether it was nudging my arm unceasingly to ask for a treat or pet, or rolling her eyes and scowling at me when i kicked her off the couch.

    She was a lifelong friend, my forever companion, and more than just a pet. I could go to her when I was bored, lonely, sad, or just needed a furry friend for some fun, and even in her later years she was always, always excited to see us.

    We love you and we won’t ever forget the gifts you brought us, Keesh.
    July 1997-November 2011

  2. Oh, so sad. I have a couple of old pups myself and I don’t even want to think about the day I won’t have them anymore. I’ll cry out a few tears for you.

  3. I’m sorry for your lost. I know what it’s like to lose a buddy that is really close to you and apart of your family. R.I.P Akeesha.

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