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Sharkdog is not a Morning Dog

Every day I have to wrestle my reluctant Sharkdog to wakefulness and toss her out the back door to do her duty (yes, I said duty). She is mostly deaf so clapping and calling her name is meaningless. I try poking her, prodding her, tugging on the blanket she sleeps on, all to no avail.

I have tried picking the big doofus up and putting her on her feet in her sleep, considerably easier, now that she’s down 20 pounds (yes, she is perfectly healthy, just old and on Atkins). I hate to manhandle her too much because she has arthritis.

So I struggle with her for ten plus minutes every morning trying to activate her (retriever powers: activate!) And skid into my office every morning just under the wire, making a Kramer-like  entrance.

I decided last night to try one last thing. I brought a half a dog biscuit upstairs with me. So this morning, I first tried my usual poke, poke, prod, prod. Nada.

So I stuck the biscuit under her nose. From a sound sleep, she leapt to her feet like a puppy and scarfed it down and looked at me for more.

Really, Sharkdog? Really?


One comment on “Sharkdog is not a Morning Dog

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