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The Rise of the Bonsai Baby

I was discussing this Pinterest picture online the other day. There was quite the uproar in the comments section about mixing babies, glass and hard candy, but anything in the interest of a cute picture, right? The commentary was all very funny. People are quite strident. And fun to poke.

I just found the picture baffling because when my kids were newborn, I was focused on keeping them warm and comfortable. I don’t think it would have occurred to me to stick them into a dish full of old sticky candy on my grandmother’s coffee table and snap a few photos for posterity.

Newborns are pretty sound sleepers, so I guess a parent could play all sorts of practical jokes on them. The hand in a bowl of warm water joke wouldn’t be particularly effective since the baby would be wearing a diaper. The hand full of shaving cream, tickle the nose trick could work.

The oddest thing about the picture is how much it reminded me of the Bonsai Kitten trend that tore through the Internet a few years ago. The baby in the Pinterest picture still looks reasonably baby-shaped. You can only actually see the baby’s head and hand in the photo though, so I hope they used the entire baby.

Babies are pretty darn cute on their own without turning them into photo props. But Pinterest is kind of hotbed of crazy anyway.


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