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Shiny Happy Searches

These were some of the most amusing from last week. I love looking at this stuff. why did evil dick leave big brother – SEVEN times twitter feuds Gunnar Deatherage trucker mania ooh shiny shirt something shiny underwear shiny hair ties twitter fueds “whatthetext” project runway and speaking foreign jaws comes home – shark week […]

Daaaa Dum. Daaaa Dum. DaDum DaDum DaDum– Shark Week!!

UPDATE: There is a Shark Week Drinking Game It’s finally Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Yay! Andy Samberg hosts. Double yay! I’m not sure why I look forward to this so much every year. I did come of age during the age of Peter Benchley’s book Jaws and the movie of the same name. […]

Shark Dog

My dog is old and weird– just two of the things we have in common. She will be 14 in a couple of weeks (July 11). Happy Birthday Keesha! She is deaf, lumpy, mostly blind and very needy. She always has to be in the same room as everyone else, even if that means climbing […]