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Daaaa Dum. Daaaa Dum. DaDum DaDum DaDum– Shark Week!!

UPDATE: There is a Shark Week Drinking Game

It’s finally Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Yay! Andy Samberg hosts. Double yay!

I’m not sure why I look forward to this so much every year. I did come of age during the age of Peter Benchley’s book Jaws and the movie of the same name. I think I need a bigger TV.

The Jaws episode of Mythbusters is one of my favorites. I’m kind of hoping that it will be replayed sometime this week.

The episode I’m watching is Jaws Comes Home which is a look at the area that the original Jaws was filmed, the Chatham area of Cape Cod. The seal population has increased and it’s attracting Great White Sharks. The sharks are getting close enough that they have to close the beaches. In this show they are trying to tag the great whites.

The researchers also came across a 35 foot humpback whale carcass which had turned into a shark buffet. There were Bluedog sharks and at least one Great White – an 18 footer.

They tagged it and nick-named it Curly because of the shape of its fin. It turned around and bit the boat.





The researchers dropped a metal cage into the water. The shark attacked the buoys that were keeping it afloat and damaged the cage. The divers then had to make a dash for the boat

Looking forward to the rest of these week.

Fun Fact: Some woman refer to their monthly cycles with the term Shark Week.


One comment on “Daaaa Dum. Daaaa Dum. DaDum DaDum DaDum– Shark Week!!

  1. I fell asleep before the biting of the boat. Whoa.

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