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Project Runway Without Tim Gunn? How Will We Make It Work?

Project Runway is back and so are some of the All Star Contestants:

Austin Scarlett – Fun but crazy
Kara Janx – Don’t remember
Elisa Jimenez – Kind of Flaky but creative at least
Rami Kashou – Love LOVE -so glad he’s back
Sweet P – Yikes. Who wants to be a frumpy Mexican housewife for Halloween?
Jerell Scott – Don’t remember but his design was quite good.
Kenley Collins – Not everyone wants to look like Betty Boop, sweetcheeks
Gordana Gelhausen – From Mondo ” It looks like a piñata. I hope her model is full of candy.”
Anthony Williams – Love his personality, jury still out on design
Mila Hermanovski – Maybe – need to see more
April Johnson – Don’t remember
Michael Costello -Lovely, wearable designs
Mondo Guerra -What a visionary. I want to wear everything he makes

Angela Lindvall, host and low-rent Heidi Klum knock-off is joined by judges Georgina Chapman, Marchesa designer and Isaac Mizrahi who plays a bitchier version of Michael Kors.

I kept expecting Joanna Coles, editor of Marie Claire, and Tim Gunn stand-in, to complain about unkempt hair salon stations ala Tabitha’s Salon Takeover.

This week’s challenge was to create a look from 99 cent store items. There was a diverse range of styles and most designers shopped well and created some surprising looks. It’s amazing how high-end a handful of dime store items can look in the right hands.

I won’t spoil anything here, but the judges seemed spot on from where I sit as far as the best and worst designs this week.


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