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Celebrate ALL The Birthdays!

all the brownies!

My daughter made me this birthday treat from brownies, frosting and a chocolate orange. It’s my favorite internet meme, which you may have seen in this post about using lyrics as a facebook status. So awesome. And so delicious now that I have deconstructed it – nom.

We went to see American Idiot in Toronto, which is a musical based on the music of Greenday. ( I am working on Boulevard of Broken Dreams and soon 21 Guns on my cello) This is their very first stop on their post-broadway run.

Here are some cool things that happened on January 9:

2011  A Border Collie has reportedly learned 1022 words and can act in accordance with the citation of those words

2007  Apple Computer unveils the revolutionary iPhone

1998  Decapitated head of Danish Little Mermaid is returned

I’ve always been annoyed that I share my birthday with the likes of Richard Nixon and Dave Matthews, but ladies and gentlemen, there is a new contestant. Today is Kate Middleton’s 30th birthday, so I have that going for me. Which is nice.


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