I’m Not BranchingOut and You Can’t Make Me

BranchOut is a new career networking site on Facebook. I am the queen of early adopters. I am currently on:

Linked In
Twitter (as is my dog @spenserthedog)
MySpace (pretty much dormant)
Google + (still waiting for the +)
Sound cloud

But for some reason, I have not accepted any BranchOut invitations to date. I think it’s because my persona on different social networking sites.

On Linked In, I have about 450 connections, and I am nothing but professional there.

On Facebook, I have almost 700 wildly disparate friends; former work colleagues, friends I’ve made on the Internet, church friends, theatre people, college kids, so my Facebook interactions are pretty tame. Pictures of my dog, goofy comments or jokes, posts about my favorite music. I try to keep it inoffensive, but reasonably true to myself.

Twitter, on the other hand, is where I let my hair down. My 157 followers (haha! Spenser only has 21) are treated to off-color humor and political opinion.

I think this is why I am resisting BranchOut. I just don’t like commingling my social media. How about you. Are you the same across various media?


2 comments on “I’m Not BranchingOut and You Can’t Make Me

  1. You’re like an ammo belt of social media. I use Facebook and WordPress. I have a Twitter, but it’s more like exercise, in that I force myself to use it. I am in awe of you.

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