The Avengers: Observations, Questions and a Three Word Spoiler


Captain America needs a cooler secret weapon than a giant frisbee.

I love Ironman. Tony Stark such an awesome smartass. My husband will testify that smartassitude is one of the top things I look for in a man.

I love that the women were kickass. No shrinking violets, no damsels in distress. (ps. I want to be Scarlett Johansson when I grow up).

Loki’s costume made him look like a demented goat. Has he no close friends that could pull him aside and suggesting a more badass look if he is going to look like a proper villain.

If you have pretzel bites with cheese balanced on your lap and your husband selects the wrong pretzel bite, the cheese will pour into your boot. You know that nasty orange, foul-smelling chemically melty cheese food product food cheese. In my boot.


I didn’t get the bow and arrow dude. I just kept calling him boy Katniss.

So can the Hulk channel his anger or not? It was a little inconsistent.

Three Word Spoiler: Giant Space Turtles

Bonus from my friend Maureen: Stay until after the credits. Really. To the very, very end.


3 comments on “The Avengers: Observations, Questions and a Three Word Spoiler

  1. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but in the comic books the bow and arrow guy (Hawkeye) is the smartass dude that fans liked (when I was a kid, anyway).

  2. Favorite line of the whole film: “Clench, Legolas!”

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