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I’m Completely Over MYOB

* I wrote this several days ago and put it aside, because it’s not the same irreverent tone of the rest of this blog, but I feel like it must be said and after a recent incident that forced me to put my money where my mouth is, I felt that the time was right to hit the PUBLISH button:


Have you ever noticed how often people say “Mind Your Own Business?”

Don’t be a tattletale.

Don’t be a snitch.

Don’t be a rat.

Don’t get involved.


Why are we so invested in protecting wrongdoers?

Why are we actively encouraged not to get involved?

Do we like the results of people minding their own business?

How many people knew what was going on with Sandusky and minded their own business?
No rats there. Good for them!

How many bullies or people in positions of authority in churches, sports and other groups are able to abuse children unimpeded because we teach our children from an early age not to be a tattletale or because any witnesses that could have stepped forward refused to get involved?

How much did MYOB contribute to the rise of Hitler and the magnitude of the holocaust?

Would Kitty Genovese have survived if her neighbors has reported her screams instead of minding their own business?

Would the financial meltdown have been lessened or averted if someone involved in subprime lending was willing to be a snitch?

While we do live in a country of rugged individualists we do have a responsibility to contribute to the common good. We need to stop looking the other way when someone is bullied, when you see someone shoplifting, when you know something shady is going on in your office.

Step up. Stop being a coward. It’s all our business.



One comment on “I’m Completely Over MYOB

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Every time I hear someone on the news talking about how “they” (clearly, some other person) have to make the neighborhood safe and then someone gets killed on the street with 20 witnesses and somehow no one can describe the killer, I want to scream.

    But the ones they really make me see red are the ones that don’t get involved in what they know to be child abuse. How many kids could be saved if the first person to figure out that something’s wrong stepped up and did the right thing? How many lives wouldn’t be ruined?

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