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Hair Chalking at the Shiny Household

My daughter thought it would be fun to give hair chalking a go, so we stopped at Michael’s to pick up some chalk pastels. We found this kit for $4.99 that had plenty of vibrant colors:

We also used this:

(spray bottle of water)

And this:

(flat iron)

(Don’t worry, it wipes right off)

We also used latex gloves and wore old tee shirts, but it wasn’t that messy after all.

We wanted to chalk under layers, so we clamped up the top hair layer. Then we chose colors. I picked two shades of blue and a purple, she chose pink and blue.

We started with small sections of hair, about 1/2 an inch or so. Sprayed it with water, then took one of the chalk colors and ruined it up and down along the strand. We had to rub pretty hard to get good coverage. Then we set it by clamping a flat iron onto the chalked area.

We repeated it on three or four sections on each side, the combed it through.. Here are the results.

Her hair is very dark.

Mine is lighter and color treated, in fact some of my hair is bleached underneath because I had parts of it dyed purple professionally, which completely faded within three weeks, even though I used sulfate free shampoo for color treated hair.

The method we used is supposed to last several days, for a more temporary result, don’t bother wetting and flat ironing the hair, just twist a section and chalk the dry hair.

My color lasted through a shampoo so far. Hers is gone, but she spent the weekend swimming and sailing, so that may have had an impact. Note that the chalk gives your hair a very coarse texture, but that is temporary.


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