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You Should Be Buying Music on Amazon

If you haven’t checked it out, you should. I don’t ever buy pirated music and I never have because I think it’s important to support the artists. And I do live in Buffalo, NY, home of MUSIC IS ART, a not-for-profit founded by local musician Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Amazon is not only cheap, they have everything on there I got the single of Zoom by Last Dinosaurs on there and it wasn’t on iTunes yet.

They have all this:

Featured Programs

You can always find free and cheap stuff.

I Bought a ton of music on there last night. And the Amazon Cloud can download it right to your iTunes if you choose.

It’s way faster and way cheaper than iTune. The brand new Linkin Park, Living Things that just came out a couple of weeks ago was $11.99 on iTunes, $4.99 on Amazon.

I bought the sound track to Breaking Dawn for $2.99 (shut up! I love A Thousand Years by Christina Perri) and a bunch of other albums for $5 each.

They always have some free music. Oh and if anyone likes older rock & roll like buddy holly, etc I saw a 101 song compilation of various artists for $2.99.

Check it some of my favorites here!


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