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Big Brother: What Surprises are in Store This Summer

Big Brother premiered tonight.

A little concerned about this year’s group. Russell from Survivor’s brother willie has asshole blood.

Wil is way prettier than me.

Joe the chef may be fun. Slop will drive him bonkers if he is a foodie.

I’m super impressed with Jen. She’s from Kitty. The actual band Kitty.

Shane is cute, but where in God’s name did he get that pukka shell necklace? 1973?

Jojo said she can handle anything because she’s from Staten Island, but I bet she freaks the first time she gets dirty

Ugggh. I didn’t like Dan. He made Catholics look really bad.

Janelle I like. Brittany too.

Mike Boogey is not as bad as Evil Dick, but he’s up there on the Douchometer.

What do you want to bet he gloms onto Mini Russell.

Damn Mike Boogey has been living hard.


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