Why I’m Slowly Moving Away From Facebook

I’m slowing moving away from Facebook for a variety of reasons. Top of the list is that I’m not crazy about what a corporate juggernaut it is becoming.

Going public never really improves the quality or customer service of a product.

Facebook has got it’s place. It’s a great place to keep in touch with far flung relatives and friends. It’s also a perfect venue for my artist, theatre and musician friends to invite me to their shows and exhibits.

After more than five years, I’m pretty firmly entrenched, but there are other media that function better.

I love Twitter. I know they have made some TOS changes lately that have yet to shake out, but I just love it for news and live-tweeting major events. I have also enjoyed some really fun conversations on Twitter. I have become quite a heavy user.

I tried to avoid Instagram, but resistance was futile. I use it almost entirely for dog pictures. They are awesome dog pics though.

I’m now more interactive on Linked In. I’ve had a robust profile on there for some time, but now I focus on sharing news stories that reinforce my personal brand. I do need to contribute more to conversations in groups.

I’m also active to varying degrees with google plus (g+), Pinterest, tumblr, reddit, stumbleupon. Also, I use google reader for managing my rss feeds. I still have a MySpace account as well which I hope that Justin Timberlake will revitalize.

It seems that Facebook had become a sort of catch all, but there are better stand alone applications for virtually every component.

It will be interesting to see how these various media rise and fall and what new offerings are yet to come.


5 comments on “Why I’m Slowly Moving Away From Facebook

  1. I’m actually moving in the opposite direction. To me, Twitter felt like a bunch of strangers I could never get a grip on, as well as lots of (by design) one-liners. Facebook feels like talking to my friends and speaking with more substance. I am not fond of the management, of course, but the platform itself is more to my liking.

    I used to call Twitter a worldwide conversation but after a while it seemed more like shouting punch lines into the wind. The forum we both go to fulfills my need to connect with the wider world and allows what feels to me more like real conversation. So I occasionally go back to Twitter for news but I’ve really stopped participating.

    • That’s a really good point. I think I have personally allowed facebook to get too expansive. For example, I have a lot of people on there who I should really only have on linked in. I mean, I have been gradually trimming back a list of more that 700 fb friends.

      And a lot of the points covered in the article that Beth posted also apply to me

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