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Honey, Reddit Blew Up My Blog

I don’t usually bother checking my blog stats on my WordPress App on days when I haven’t even posted a new entry, but my email was blowing up with new subscribers, links and comments, so I checked it out:

What the What?

Yes, those are real stats. This little stream of consciousness blog, which averages maybe 50-100 visits per day, got more than 29,000 hits in less than 24 hours. And it’s not even porn!

This all came about because someone posted a “Today I Learned” at Reddit referring to my post from August 2011 entitled:

F Scott Fitzgerald Made Ernest Hemingway Look at His Naughty Bits

Now, this had already been my most popular post of all time, and oddly enough the one most frequently searched for, but prior to today, that post’s total views in more than a year was less than 2000. But adding my blog to reddit as a TIL jumped my views right up to an all-time high.

At any rate, this is very silly and fun and I owe Atlas52 a debt of gratitude for totally making my day.


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