This Really Happened: A Thanksgiving Story

So, for a variety of reasons, this year we are postponing our big thanksgiving meal until Friday. I still wanted to make a nice dinner today for the two of us, so I decided on the classic steak and baked potato.

Last night around 7, I went to Wegmans to buy my Thanksgiving groceries and while unpacking, I realized that I had forgotten to buy steaks and also rolls, which I needed both for monkey bread this morning and Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. So shoes back on and off to Wegmans again.

This morning I got up and opened the fridge and couldn’t find the rolls. Then it hit me. Duh. I had left the steaks and rolls sitting on the kitchen table.

I threw away $15 worth of food- gah.

Back to Wegmans this morning. Good thing they are open for a couple of hours.

Just a little absurdity to kick off the holiday season.

Speaking of kickoff, I am NOT a football fan, so I’ve decided to hold my own West Wing Marathon today.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Ooh Something Shiny!


3 comments on “This Really Happened: A Thanksgiving Story

  1. Look, I have no sympathy. AT LEAST YOU HAVE A WEGMANS.

  2. A West Wing marathon sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the holiday!

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