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The League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons

The League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons.

I Woke Up at North Dakota This Morning

I Woke Up at North Dakota This Morning.

Awkward Photojournalism: Travel Edition

We drove cross state from Buffalo to Oneonta, NY today. We stopped at a rest stop outside Syracuse and I spotted a car with a toboggan strapped to the top of it and I had to take a picture of it because it was sunny out with no sign of snow and looked so out […]

Awolnation, Imagine Dragons, Zeale Heat Up Water Street Music Hall

This was my first venture out to Water Street Music Hall in Rochester. They have had some great acts in the past so I’ll have to keep an eye out now that I know how easy it is to get to. Seriously. I live in the eastern Buffalo burbs and it was an hour door […]

So, I Expected Zoe Keating to be Amazing and Talented.

I didn’t expect funny and engaging. She performed Sunday at Annie DiFranco’s Asbury Hall at Babeville. It’s a great venue. You can see more about it in my blog┬ápost: The Five Best Things About Living in Buffalo. It wass and intimate setting, probably not much more than 200 people there. I managed to sit in […]

The Five Best Things About Living in Buffalo

I have lived here in the Buffalo, NY suburbs since 1994. There are so very many things to recommend this great place, from the world class culturals to the easy commutes and small town feel. I never go anywhere here without running into someone I know. And whenever anyone asks how far someplace is, the […]

Shackin’ Up With Uncle Joe

We stopped by the new Uncle Joe’s Crab Shack on Maple Road in Amherst, just outside of Buffalo, NY at two o’clock on Sunday afternoon. We like to go to popular restaurants at odd times, to avoid the crowds. Call it Linner, I suppose. Our timing didn’t help this time around, there was still a […]

Why Apple is Awesome

Went to the apple store at the mall. K dropped her touch in a clean toilet last week and it hasn’t functioned since. We took it to the Apple store. It was packed, which is what you would expect of a store full of expensive merchandise in the Rust Belt during a recession. We had […]

Lawrence Block is Following me on Twitter

This is a huge deal. You have no idea. I have been reading his work for decades. He has been my favorite mystery writer for as long as I remember. Before Dick Francis, before Elizabeth Peters, before Robert B Parker, Sue Grafton and Diane Mott Davison. And now, he has jumped feet first into social […]