Oooh Something Shiny Highlight of the Summer: Warped Tour at Darien Lake 2012

These are some of the bands I was looking forward to seeing at Warped Darien Lake 2012: Streetlight Manifesto Yellowcard We the Kings Funeral Party Unfortunately, you never know at what time or on which stage your favorites are performing on until you get there an pay $2.00 for a single printed sheet with stages, […]

Hair Chalking at the Shiny Household

My daughter thought it would be fun to give hair chalking a go, so we stopped at Michael’s to pick up some chalk pastels. We found this kit for $4.99 that had plenty of vibrant colors: We also used this: And this: (Don’t worry, it wipes right off) We also used latex gloves and wore […]

I’m Completely Over MYOB

* I wrote this several days ago and put it aside, because it’s not the same irreverent tone of the rest of this blog, but I feel like it must be said and after a recent incident that forced me to put my money where my mouth is, I felt that the time was right […]

Did You Ever Notice How Much the Scion xB Looks Like

Ironman? How Cool would it be to get an Ironman paint job? Tony Stark would be proud.

My Favorite Nora Ephron Movie

I’m saddened, as are so many, by the death of Nora Ephron. She was funny and snarky and real and her dialog is second only to Aaron Sorkin. Her diner scene in When Harry met Sally is a classic and sadly that is pretty much how I order meals. I don’t seem to have the […]

A Very Shiny Mother’s Day

This may have been my favorite mothers day to date. Our son and a bunch of his friends called me from Sandy Eggo and yelled Happy Mothers Day, then he made me tell them my hipster joke. * We drove the four and a half hours to our daughter’s college to pick up a carload of her stuff and hug […]

Everest, My Yearly Obsession

Every year, I obsessively follow Everest summit attempt converge. This is Everest Season. There is a tiny sliver of time each year where the weather is marginally cooperative. A time when it’s slightly less likely that you will be buried in an avalanche, crushed by a serac or swallowed by a shifting glacier. That window […]

Can Someone Tell Me Why Tampons Need to Be Radiant?

…I am befuddled… Update: it’s come to my attention that these tampons come with resealable wrappers. I can see how this could be a concern because improperly sealed rappers return as holograms.

This is How I Know I am Old

I heard part of an NPR story this morning about VC in Silicon Valley and I was wondering why the Viet Cong would be interested in investing in startups.

The Superbowl and Exploding Manhole Covers

So apparently, Indianapolis’ greatest concern about hosting this year’s Superbowl is their recent rash of Exploding Manhole Covers From the Washington Post: “One concern has been a series of explosions in Indianapolis Power & Light’s underground network of utility cables. A dozen underground explosions have occurred since 2005, sending manhole covers flying. Eight explosions have […]