It’s Like Wearing a Bra Made of Clouds

Genie Bra – A Review I have seen these infomercials on television and the bras look pretty good, but infomercial products always do. They had a variety of women wearing them all supposedly D cups in varying back sizes and they all looked smooth, lifted and faboo in these bras. I figured I could see […]


Jersey Shore Sullies Abercrombie and Fitch’s Squeaky Clean Image

So Abercrombie and Fitch doesn’t want The Situation from Jersey Shore wearing their clothes anymore. I guess he detracts from their image as purveyors of slutty clothing for excessively cologned teenagers. “Oh, please! Don’t wear our clothes (available at a mall near you).”  

Bumping into Things Reading The Help

Even for someone who thinks they know a lot about the civil rights movement, the portrayal of 1963 Mississippi in The Help is astonishing. I was born around this time and can’t comprehend that in the span of my lifetime, the historical equivalent of a blink of an eye, African Americans were thought of as scarcely human. While […]

Shiny Happy Searches

These were some of the most amusing from last week. I love looking at this stuff. why did evil dick leave big brother – SEVEN times twitter feuds Gunnar Deatherage trucker mania ooh shiny shirt something shiny underwear shiny hair ties twitter fueds “whatthetext” project runway and speaking foreign jaws comes home – shark week […]

Guys With Bald Heads and Facial Hair Always

Make me think of Wooly Willy. And if you are getting a slight Panic! at the Disco aftertaste from that title, it’s justified. They are coming to a small, local venue and I just bought my ticket. I’m determined to buy tickets as soon as I know about shows now because of the Black Keys […]

Eyeball Surgery -Lasik

Note: This is a repost from an old blog of mine that I don’t really update anymore. I had used it mostly to post funny and interesting stuff that I found, but I really use Facebook, Twitter and more recently Google+ and Pinterest pretty heavily, so I’ve all but abandoned it. People have asked about […]

Daaaa Dum. Daaaa Dum. DaDum DaDum DaDum– Shark Week!!

UPDATE: There is a Shark Week Drinking Game It’s finally Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Yay! Andy Samberg hosts. Double yay! I’m not sure why I look forward to this so much every year. I did come of age during the age of Peter Benchley’s book Jaws and the movie of the same name. […]

I Saw a Woman at Tim Horton’s Wearing Stealth Crocs

You know the ones I’m talking about. They look like sassy little flats, but they have that unmistakable Croc sponginess. Don’t do that. Don’t wear those. If you like Crocs, wear Crocs. Own  your love of their bulbous sponginess. Don’t try to hide behind non-Croc-shaped-Crocs. Be the Crocs. I tried Crocs on once, but the […]

Project Runway – Make it Work

Another season of Project Runway begins on Lifetime tonight. I still haven’t really gotten over it moving from Bravo. Lifetime doesn’t seem to handle it as well. For one thing, they don’t rerun the episodes enough. I do like that they go behind the scenes and introduce the models. Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia […]

Harry Potter – Last Call At Hogwarts

Definitely go 3d. The special effects are spectacular. Especially the battle scenes of which there are many. Don’t count on a quidditch match for a bathroom break, there isn’t one. Deathly Hallows Part 2 can be enjoyed as a stand alone movie in case you have been holed up in a cave in Afghanistan for […]