So, I Expected Zoe Keating to be Amazing and Talented.

I didn’t expect funny and engaging. She performed Sunday at Annie DiFranco’s Asbury Hall at Babeville. It’s a great venue. You can see more about it in my blog post: The Five Best Things About Living in Buffalo. It wass and intimate setting, probably not much more than 200 people there. I managed to sit in […]

This Is My Companion Apple

I have been carrying this same apple back and forth in my lunch for a week, but I never eat it. It’s become something of a pet. Every day, I think, this will be the day that I eat my apple, but when lunch comes along, it doesn’t happen. I’m an apple procrastinator. Sometimes it’s […]

Sharkdog is not a Morning Dog

Every day I have to wrestle my reluctant Sharkdog to wakefulness and toss her out the back door to do her duty (yes, I said duty). She is mostly deaf so clapping and calling her name is meaningless. I try poking her, prodding her, tugging on the blanket she sleeps on, all to no avail. […]

The Five Best Things About Living in Buffalo

I have lived here in the Buffalo, NY suburbs since 1994. There are so very many things to recommend this great place, from the world class culturals to the easy commutes and small town feel. I never go anywhere here without running into someone I know. And whenever anyone asks how far someplace is, the […]

Top 10 Workout Playlist

These are my favorite songs to listen to at the gym. They are not all superfast cardio-y songs, some are more suited for weights. But these are all awesome songs that really help to keep me going. I tend to think in terms of one more song rather than X more minutes Walls Fall Down […]

Awkward Photojournalism

All the Absurdity that’s fit to print. By popular demand (okay, you got me. It’s just me. I really like doing these) here are more of my Awkward Photojournalism pics from around town: I spotted this at Barnes and Noble. A handly little book for you to write down all your passwords and set next […]

Labor Day is the Last Day of Summer- Deal With It

You know it is. On the calendar, it’s not until like the 20th of September, but c’mon. If you haven’t done whatever you planned to do over the summer, it’s too late. But not to worry, it’s clean slate time. None of us have really ever moved from the academic calendar we have been following […]

Doghenge Revisited

You may recall a previous blog post regarding my subversive dog who stacks her food and water dishes as an act of silent rebellion.  She is not protesting the  food, before you ask. She gets the high-end-fancy-pance petstore brand. I think it’s made from unicorns and pyramid dust. Well, she’s at it again with: The Slide: […]

Domestic Violets: Corporate Shenanigans or Literary Legacy

Imagine a fictional  son of John Updike (Couples and Rabbit Updike, before he begin living entirely in his own head). Add healthy doses of Dave Barry and Scott Adams and sprinkle with a little hipster. This is Tom Violet, the snarky, mis-employed son of critically acclaimed, womanizing author Curtis Violet. Matthew Norman’s Domestic Violets details […]

It’s Like Wearing a Bra Made of Clouds

Genie Bra – A Review I have seen these infomercials on television and the bras look pretty good, but infomercial products always do. They had a variety of women wearing them all supposedly D cups in varying back sizes and they all looked smooth, lifted and faboo in these bras. I figured I could see […]